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Anonymous asked: "Antonin is the cutest little thing. Let's just not have him turn evil."


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Anonymous asked: "No, but Frank buys a new cat every week and dumps it on my lawn. ENOUGH ALREADY"

OMG this is from like 1827382 years ago

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Anonymous asked: "Where are our marauders?!"

once upon a time there were four boys and they called themselves the marauders. Their names were james, sirius, peter, and remus. One day they decided to take an adventure to candy mountain to cheer up peter because the kitchens ran out of toast. Remus decided not to go because there wasnt any chocolate and he didnt want to get fat because he’s secretly a supermodel. He was all like “lol bye bitchez” and the other 3 pranced off into the sunset. It is said that they got lost and are still looking for candy mountain, but luckily they found three unicorns to guide them. No one knows where they are now and if they ever found candy moutain. Hopefully one day they will show up again with their spleens and kidneys or whatever intact.

The end.

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Anonymous asked: "What if everyone became turtles???"

We could swim away from the shelly boat

Hahahaha because turtles have shells


No? Maybe its only funny to tati because shes running on not much sleep. Kaybye

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Anonymous asked: "All the ships are skinning!"

What does this mean

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